Feeling Tired

So I've been feeling a bit crappy over the last two weeks. Really uncomfortable all the time, and too tired in the evenings to even pick up my knitting needles - not good.

Then I realised that I wasn't actually eating as much as I need (screw what the dietitian says about portion size, I just need to eat all round me when I'm pregnant!). I've also been wearing very light shoes which aren't giving me enough support and therefore my hips have been hurting. So now I'm onto studier shoes, and a support belt for the giant bowling ball I have stuffed up under my jumper!

So knitting and sewing projects should resume presently.

I signed up, only a few days ago, for a mystery KAL on Ravelry run my Ariel, who often reads my blog (hello!). That has helped to kick-start the return to productivity.

That, and the fact that I've signed up for a market on 17th April, so I need to make some toys to sell!

Happy crafting everyone!


Ariel said…

Feed that baby!! :-)

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