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Brioche Infinity Scarf

I knit this from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I used Aldi Aran weight yarn and 6.5 mm needles. It's beautifully squishy and soft. It's for a friend for Christmas, but I want one for me too now. And so does DH!


Every time I'm at the sewing machine these days Oliver is over asking if what I'm making is for him. So after finishing a few dresses I decided to make a waistcoat for him. It's made from one of DH'snold shirts and is modelled on a H&M waistcoat Oliver got last Christmas.

Think it turned out pretty cute!

Brioche Stitch

I started knitting a scarf last night in brioche stitch. Some easy knitting for the evenings.I love it - so soft and squishy.

Kinda want to knit everything in brioche stitch now!

Another bonnet!

Had a fairly disastrous day at the market on Sunday, but it means the pressure is off for the next one. Every cloud!
This week has been mostly about catching up on housework. I have taken time out though, of course, to knit a new bonnet for my niece. Her mother loves them as they stay on and fit nicely.
A nice navy one this time to go with her mustard yellow winter coat. Should be cute!

Getting ready for the market

I'm super busy at the moment getting all set for the Christmas markets. I'm only doing three but I didn't have a huge amount of stock so there's been lots of knitting,


And printing out some of patterns,

P.s. the knitted doll will be released as a pattern at some stage but probably not til December. Need to get the markets out of the way first!

Zig zag dress

For my god-daughter for her 7th birthday. Hope she likes it!

Another Pattern!

I know I posted a picture of this weeks ago - apologies for the delay to anyone waiting on it.

The Cool Kids - boy and girl variations  buy now
This pattern is sort of a recipe.  I've written out the basic body and the instructions for all the embellishments - hats, skirts, etc.  You can then go ahead and add your own colours, spots, stripes, whatever!

It's definitely one to have fun with.