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Poor neglected blog!

Unfortunately I've not been so good at blogging over the last few years. Having small kids at home has taken most of my focus. And over the last year or so I have not been designing many new patterns - I just haven't been inspired.
But two things have happened to get me back on track. 1 - both children are now in primary school five days a week for 5 and 6 hours each. 2 - I was contact by UK magazine Let's Get Crafting - Knitting and Crochet to join their design team.
Having to come up with a new design every month has gotten my mind more focused and the ideas are starting to flow again. Woo hoo!
At the moment I'm working on re-designing the mermaid I made for Creative Knitting magazine back in 2011. I've re-done her tail and am now working on a pattern to knit hair instead of sewing strands of yarn on. (Knitting hair is kinda' my thing at the moment!)

I also have another project in the pipeline based on the old Crolly dolls that were made in Donegal in Ireland years…



Rustic Horseshoe Horse

Emily has a party to attend tomorrow for a friend who loves horses. So naturally I had to make a horse toy. A search of Etsy led me to a shop called Rustic Horseshoe. It's got loads of patterns for sewing hobby horses and some cuddly horses too. This pattern, the Natty Nag, was on sale so it was like fate meant for me to buy it! It's a very well written pattern. All the steps are clearly explained and there are loads of photos in the tutorial to help. I would definitely recommend Rena's patterns to anyone looking for horse sewing patterns.
Now I just hope the birthday girl likes her gift.

Little Boy Shirt

I've posted many photos over the last few years of little girls dresses. But this week I made my first little boy's shirt and I think I am converted to loving boys clothes. This shirt is so stinkin' cute!

My little man is so happy with it and wants to wear it every day. It doesn't get much better than that!

Sick Time - Ugh!

Its been a tough two weeks for me - I got vertigo, probably from a viral infection in my inner ear, and its very very slow to clear up.
Rest as sure I have plans for new patterns, and one that just needs to be typed up, I just need to get the energy to do them.

On one good day last week I set up an event on Facebook for a Market Night tonight.  With the sickness I haven't finished as many toys as I would have wished, but there are a few up for sale.

Miss Aine  Click on the link if you're interested in buying a Miss Aine toy.  The Market Night starts at 9pm GMT tonight.

1993 Embroidery

I was at my parents during the week, clearing out some cupboards and I found this embroidery piece that I made back in 1993. I would have been 12 at the time so I presume it's from 6th class in primary school. Quite a long time ago!

Panda Buns

A birthday present for an 8 year old girl who loves pandas.The pattern is by Hilary Lang of Wee Womderfuls fame, and was well written and easy to follow.

I gave her a little panda teddy as well (pattern by Jean Greenhowe).

Finished Embroidery

Well, I got my little embroidery finished this weekend. It probably wasn't the best for me as it was nearly all French knots and I'm not so good at that stitch. I'm a little better now though after doing about 100 of them!
I just need to get a little mini frame for it now.

Birthday Time-Out

It's my birthday today (yeah!) so I decided to do a bit of fun crafting just for me. I got this embroidery kit at the Knitting and Stitching show last October.

It's a long time since I've done any serious embroidery so hopefully it'll turn out ok.

Another Moderne Baby Blanket

I tried a Moderne Baby Blanket a few months ago, after not knitting one for a few years. It turned out a hot mess!
But I decided to give it another go because I like the design so much. On starting this new blanket I realised my previous mistake: 18 garter ridges means 36 rows, not 18.
I've chosen pale ice-cream colours for this version. Hopefully it turns out nice!

Another Build-A-Bear party

Emily was invited to a birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop so, like the last party there, I made teddy bear clothes for the birthday girl. Luckily Tiger stores had mini suitcases in stock so I got one to put the clothes in - it just finishes off the gift nicely.

This ski sweater was a pattern I had never used before. I found it on Ravelry and it's by Linda May. It was quick and easy to knit and could be customised to any outfit. I will definitely be knitting this one again.

A hat and scarf. I love the neon pink Pom-poms. It gives a real modern feel to these.

Miri-coloured top with neon heart - why not!!!
I hope the birthday girl likes them!

Designing WIP

I'm working on a cabled onesie for some bunnies this morning. It's a good thing I liked maths in school!