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SMS - The Winners!

Wow, what a response to my giveaways. I've only done the SMS Giveaway day once before and didn't have half as much interest.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the lovely words of encouragement. Its nice to know that other people, besides me!, like my work.

And so to the winners.

In the pattern competition the random number generator picked no.49 which is


In the toy competition the random number generator picked no.21 and no.28

Strawberry Patch (fairy doll) - (no contact details so please contact me!)
Chantal (melvin)

Emails will be winging their way to get addresses for posting.

Thanks again to everyone else who took part.

SMS May Day Giveaway - Supplies

For the Handmade Toy Giveaway please visit this post

The Supplies Giveaway

Up for grabs is a chance to win any two patterns from my Etsy store.

Just leave a comment and a winner will be picked at random on 30th May (please leave some sort of contact details, e.g. blogger link, etc., so that I can contact you if you win).

Good Luck one and all!

SMS May Day Giveaway - Handmade Toys

For the Supplies Giveaway please visit this post.

It's back!

I missed the last giveaway, but have managed to get myself organised this time.

Up for grabs are two toys:

Melvin (made from the pattern for Melvin from the Wee Wonderfuls book)

And a Spring Fairy (from a knitting pattern of my own design)

Just leave a comment saying which toy you'd like to win. A winner for each toy will be picked at random on 30th May.

Good Luck all!

Wedding Toppers

A picture received from one of my Etsy customers.

Ollie the Octopus

Found this link to Ollie the Octopus from Creative Knitting on Knitting Patterns

Handy for those of you who don't get the magazine in regions outside of the USA


Baby Oliver, born yesterday morning, 10lbs 9ozs.

41 wks + 2

Still pregnant and have an horrendous snotty cold.

Found some solace in reading this blog post by another pregnant lady from earlier in the year - link

Its nice to know that I'm not the only pregnant woman to feel like she's loosing her mind while drowning in snot!

Princess Cardigan

Every new project I've started recently, Smem has asked if its for her. And I felt bad that I was knitting lots of baby stuff so we picked a pattern out on Ravelry - Fairy Princess Cardigan.

Her chest measurement isn't very wide so I knit the 2T size, but I probably should have knit it the 4T length. (And its not designed to go over the outfit she was wearing today!)

In baby news - no movement yet. Had a bath with some clarysage this evening, and massaged some of the clarysage into my tummy afterwards. Probably won't make any difference ;)
Also ate half a pineapple, but I think any old wives tales regarding that one talk about eating 2-3 pineapples. I like them, but not that much!

The Queen's Visit

The Queen's visit to Ireland is happening next week. Just found out there will be road closures throughout Dublin city at various stages next week, from 17th-20th. And of course the hospital I'm attending for the pregnancy is right in the middle of the city centre.

May try my best to get this baby out this weekend!


Made for a 16 year old girl who is having a Mad Hatter's themed party. She's been in hospital on-and-off for the last 2 years with leukemia and I hear about her all the time as her aunt is in the choir with me, and her daughter is one of Smem's friends.

I used the basic pattern for the Storybook Doll in the Wee Wonderfuls book, and just changed the hair and gave her a dress and apron.

She turned out pretty cute, if I may say so myself!

Creative Knitting Summer 2011

I was planning on posting something totally different, but when checking the new patterns on Ravelry I noticed that the two (yes 2!) patterns that I have in the current issue of Creative Knitting had been added.

Woo hoo!

These aren't the images from the actual magazine, as I haven't received a copy yet (or any moola, but when it has to come from the States I have to give it time to get here)

So exciting!

Fixed It - New Pattern for Sale!

Hansel + Gretel

Both dolls are knit using the same basic pattern and stand just 9"/23cm tall.

The pattern is available for download through for $4 - just click on the link below

buy now

(p.s. google docs is just mental sometimes - stupid computers!)


I'm having a battle with Google docs this evening, trying to get some patterns typed up.

For those of you waiting for the patterns I gave a preview of recently, they will be up soon - if I don't smash the computer up!

In baby news - tomorrow is d-day. Will anything happen?????????

Baby Bunting Cardigan

Made from a pattern I found on Ravelry - Baby Bunting Cardigan

It seems kinda small, seems to fit Smem's baby doll quite well. Its a really cute pattern though, love the pockets (which took me ages to figure out how to do, and lots of researching on the internet). I will definitely knit this again, just on bigger needles!

Circus Mobile

Made for the imminent little man using a vintage Simplicity pattern that my mother had. It has a giraffe, a lion, an elephant and 2 zebras.

I have a vague recollection of having one of these mobiles around the house when I was a kid.

Pixie hat and overalls

A little outfit made for the little man-in-waiting.
The hat is from 'The Knitted Nursery' and the overalls and boots are from 'Chic Knits for Stylish Babies'.
The overalls are a bit fudged. The smallest size in the pattern was for 6 months, so I knit it with thinner yarn and didn't make it quite as long. Hopefully it fits!