Baby Oliver, born yesterday morning, 10lbs 9ozs.


Eva i Halmstad said…

Congratulations and good luck.
He is so cute.
All the best for you.
Wow he is adorable! 10 lbs 9 oz?! Good job!!
Ariel said…
Congratulations!!! He's so cute!!
Cathy said…
What a beautiful baby!!! Those cheeks are pinch-worthy!!! Congrats to you and your family!!
Paloma said…
Congratulations!!!! It is a lovely baby. Best whishes for both of you. Regards. Paloma
Miss Julep said…
Awww, what a sweet, sweet baby! And a whopper too:)
Prettypink2008. said…
Congrats. What a whopper no wonder your were pregnant for ever.
Millie said…
Congrats! That's a big baby...he's gorgeous! I've just found your blog, I am in Ireland too. I found you through SMS, but I'm not much of a knitter, so I won't enter, but your patterns are great.
Edamommy said…
Oh, wow!! Many congrats!!

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