Princess Cardigan

Every new project I've started recently, Smem has asked if its for her. And I felt bad that I was knitting lots of baby stuff so we picked a pattern out on Ravelry - Fairy Princess Cardigan.

Her chest measurement isn't very wide so I knit the 2T size, but I probably should have knit it the 4T length. (And its not designed to go over the outfit she was wearing today!)

In baby news - no movement yet. Had a bath with some clarysage this evening, and massaged some of the clarysage into my tummy afterwards. Probably won't make any difference ;)
Also ate half a pineapple, but I think any old wives tales regarding that one talk about eating 2-3 pineapples. I like them, but not that much!


It is so fun having two kids. Mine are best buddies and it is awesome :) Good luck!

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