Shop Opening!

Myself and Smem went into Fairview for the opening of Quack and Dirk yesterday evening. (C couldn't make it as he had a work thing on)

It was really cool. There were tea-lights in paper bags all down the entrance of the lane and with the dusk starting to come on the lights from the shop shone out so brightly. There were loads of people around and a good buzz that was encouraging people to come down and see what was going on.

I bought a lovely dress, which I'm wearing today and will wear out tonight (Yes, I am getting to go out and leave the house tonight!)

This is a dress that Deids sourced in London on a recent purchasing expedition - she's been doing so well business-wise that she hasn't been able to keep up making clothes and bags for the shop full-time. Which is very good news.

Check out the shop on the main thoroughfare in Fairview - its down a little lane, but there's an old shop bike with a sign at the top of the lane and a sandwich board to let people know where to go.

In crafting news, I have finished a hat I was knitting with wool that I got as a present for my birthday. It turned out quite nice, if you forgive the photo!


eva said…
hey Aine!

great blog!! i just stumbled upon it while looking for Q+D links, but i'm really really impressed! i'm now really want to bake some bread and have a sudden urge to take up knitting!! ;)
well done
Eva (deids sis)

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