Baby Blankets

Our little knitting group in Celbridge has decided to make some baby blankets to donate to the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, after a lovely lady donated a lot of baby wool last year.

I hadn't started on any blankets yet, due to other commitments, so Monday night I started crocheting a granny square - the only crochet I can actually do!

Its pretty much done now, as they're only for preemie babies and putting in the incubators so they don't need to be big.

I did learn from one of the other ladies, Joan, how to sew blankets squares together so that they're not lumpy. She uses ladder stitch, which I've used to sew up holes in toys but had never clicked that it could be used to sew together pieces of knitting.

So the next blanket will be one made of squares so that I can practice sewing the squares together!


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