Candyfloss Fairy Wings

I got some pink sparkly yarn from my mother for Christmas. Only thing is its 100% polyester and is quite scratchy.
I decided to use some of it up for the Ravelympics by making the Woodland Fairy Wings.
I was a bit daunted as all the pale pink parts you see in the picture are actually crochet, and crochet is definitely not my strong suit. Thankfully it was all just single crochet so it was easy to follow.
And the lace pattern for the wings was easy to follow to and very quick to knit up.

I did get a tip last night at knitting to soak the wings in pure fabric softener. So I'll have to try that out and see if it works.

If not I will be using the rest of the yarn by knitting it with a softer yarn to take away some of the scratiness.


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