Back Home

Well myself and Smem had a nice few days in Wexford. Smem was in great form, smiling at eveyone.

She did take some time out to chill out and catch up on some reading!

We even got to go to the beach. It was really windy though so Smem said lying down and wrapped up in her pram so she didn't actually see the beach. My crazy father and sister went for a swim.

No crafting to report. I did make a dress into a skirt for my sister but didn't take a picture. And did knit a random, no pattern hat the last night I was there as I had to do something. Haven't sewn it up though so don't know if it will fit anyone.

Back home now and in the mood to craft big-time. Have finished the back and one front of K's cardie. Only the right front to do now. Can't wait to get it finished and get on to some new knitting projects. Watched Shrek 3 last night and have an idea for a fairy toy.....


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