Dolls' House Renovations

It was Emily's birthday the end of March.  I really wanted to get her a Barbie house for her to play with all her Barbie-esque dolls.  However, they are very expensive.

So I bought this second-hand, ( a high school musical school house)
A bit of spray paint, and wallpapering with wrapping paper and glittery card, and Viola!

Barbie Heaven!!


Marion Starr said…
Magic! What a little girl's delight!
Happy Birthday Emily.

How did it go at the markets?
miss aine said…
Thanks for the comment Marion. I checked out your blog - some lovely knitting, and I love the picture of all the toys at the top!

The market was not good - didn't even cover the caost of the stall :(
But I got lots of knitting done, and Emily came down too so I got to spend lots of time with her.

Every cloud!
Ruby said…
Wow,I just bought this exact same doll house at the thrift store=)
She has been asking for a Barbie Dream house but they are just to expensive. I never even thought to give this house a makeover!! You just used regular wrapping paper for the walls and glitter stock paper? How did you get them to stick and what kind of spray paint did you use? Thank you=)

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