An Unusual Week

Its been a bit crazy here all week. We had very heavy snow on both Monday and Tuesday afternoon/evening which made pretty much everywhere shut down. It has meant that myself and Smem have been housebound all week. My knitting group was cancelled on Tuesday night as the roads were too dangerous. I did consider walking down but I was the only one within walking distance and no-one driving would have been able to get there. Choir practice on Wednesday night was also cancelled.

I did manage to get out yesterday morning. I had to post the blueberries to Jake in New York. When he'll get them is another thing. The snow was crazy again yesterday, so much so that many lfights were cancelled out of Dublin airport.

In good news, I got my copy of Irish Quilting in the post on Monday.

And one of the designs is my Tweety Birds Quilt.

It wasn't as good a feeling as I thought to see it. The quilting was so bad and it just didn't photograph well. Its still nice to be in there. And my baby bibs will be in the next issue and they were much better.

I had told Norma in Threads of Green that I would sent on a portion of quilt for her to put on the wall of her shop, as she had donated the fabric to make the quilt. So that kept me busy for a few days.

Also this week, I have begun to receive my ATC from Kate's swap. I have gotten two already and they are both really nice. The one on the left is from Anna and the one on the right is from Pippa

Knitting has taken a break this week. I signed up for a knitted toy swap on Ravelry and I want to think about what toy would be best for my partner before rushing into it and then changing my mind. I'm really looking forward to putting the package together for her - she's got 7 kids so I think she could probably do with a treat just for her!


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