A busy day, and then some!

This weekend I was mostly knitting blueberries. A little 10 year old boy in New York had bought 3 of the knitting patterns on Etsy - he thought he was buying the actual toys. Anyway, his dad asked if I could make the toys specially for him. So I said yes, cause it was so cute. He wanted 3 - one for himself and one for each of his friends. How sweet!

This morning we woke up to snow - everywhere!
It wasn't very thick and by lunchtime most of it had melted away. We're still getting little flurries of snow from time to time so we may wake up to snow again tomorrow.

This morning I was very productive. I dusted and hoovered in the living room, swept the kitchen, went to the shops for provisions and made fish dinners and some roasted veggies for Smem.

So now I am taking a break with a cup of coffee and some chocolate while Smem sleeps - well deserved!

And in more news, the lace that I had won on eBay arrived this afternoon in all its ivory and glittering gold beautifulness. It's so lovely. I just hope I make a nice dress now!(lol)


Leeanne said…
Your blueberrys are cute, they kinda look like a character from the Mr Men book series.

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