Teething Problems

First - the crafts. Still doing only the seahorse in a bid to get it finished. Starting to feel a bit better about it as it actually looks like I've done something now. Although I feel like I'm over half way through it will probably take me ages to get it done still.

And next - Little Emily. Well someone is starting to get awful pains in their gums. At least I hope its that because if not then she really does not like me! I've been trying everything under the sun to give her some respite - rattles kept in the fridge to chew on, calpol (the old favourite!), and Teetha (powdery granules that I drop into her mouth). And of course lots of love and hugs. Not easy when she's been screaming for over an hour. I just have to remember what all the books say - 'ITS JUST A PHASE!'


Sara said…
The seahorse is coming along lovely, it will look great when you've finished it!
We're meeting on the 5th again in the Mucky duck- hope you can come along, we won't bite....even though our teeth have all come in and we dont need teething rings at this stage ourselvs ;-)

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