Busy Busy Busy

Very busy at the moment so not so up-to-date on the blogging. We were at a wedding last week in Brooklodge, Co. Wicklow. It was absolutely gorgeous but very expensive. Emily stayed with her granny and grandad in Wexford that night. She seemed to get on okay but they were both pretty wrecked afterwards!

On the crafting front, I have been busy at work but have not been taking pictures - stupid me!

My boss' wife had a baby so I made a playmat for them. It's like the 'cute as a button' one but had little cars instead and said 'vroom, vroom'. Can't believe I forgot to take a picture before posting it.

I'm also making presents for two christenings this month. For both I am knitting little boots, a hat and a soft toy. I finished one set in blue and brown for a little boy but have it wrapped already so I can't take a picture - doh! I am in the middle of doing a lavender and brown one at the moment for the second christening, a little girl, so I will hopefully remember to take pictures of that and post them.

I am also doing an alchemy request at the moment. Its a photorealistic cross-stitch picture of a seahorse. Only started yesterday so have loads to do. It's not really my style but thought I would do it anyway. Might get some feedback as a seller on Etsy and then people may be more willing to buy from me.


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