Lots of WIPs

Another WIP post - really must start getting the time to finish some of these projects!

This time a cardigan for Emily.  I realised about a week ago that we were missing her two zip-up hoodies.  That's what I get for not writing her name on the tags and then sending her off to playschool.  She'd had them a while though so its not a huge loss.

But, it did spur me on to make her a new cardigan. I knew I had some chunky wool so I searched Ravelry for a suitable pattern, something quick and easy.

And I found Keiju by Lilia Mankki (english version)  There is a slight typo in the English version so I messed up the ribbing on the collar a bit, but I don't think Emily will mind.  I also made the body a bit longer, and added longer sleeves as this is to be a cover-up cardigan.  And it gets chilly here in Ireland!

I've finished the knitting part now and am waiting on buttons which I ordered from eBay.  Then I have to work some magic with embroidery or applique or something, as a little someone is not too keen on wearing blue.

Apparently only boys wear blue.  Regardless of the fact that I've pointed out to her all the clothes she has which are blue.  No talking to that child sometimes.

I did order pink buttons though, so that should swing the cardie in my favour!


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