Many balls in the air

So the reason I've been a bit absent lately - I am pregnant again. Planned this time I might add!

It does mean that I have once again contracted 'pregnancy brain' and am a bit all over the place and not my totally organised self.

I also have a lot of things going on at the moment. I have a hen party to attend Saturday night, and a market in the local town on Sunday ( from 11-5, and it'll take me an hour to get back there from where the hen is taking place so that will be an early morning!).

I've also been offered my old job back by my former boss. It may turn out to be more trouble than its worth, but I've pretty much accepted to go back part-time (3 days a week). So this week is all about finding somewhere for Smem to go those days, as she can't come with me!

I've also signed up for another Christmas market which will be in the nearest big town, Maynooth, at the start of December. So work needs to be done for that.

And..... I've also been in contact with a lady who is setting up a website selling handmade goods, made from vintage patterns. She's sending me on wool this week with the patterns to see how I'd get on. Then we'll firm up a price for the actual knitting.

So my head is positively buzzing at the moment with everything.

Plus, I'm into the hospital this Friday morning for 8am (oh no!) to take part in a study on how diet affects the weight of your baby. Not sure how Smem will take that!

And one of the ladies in the choir is having a coffee morning on Friday morning in aid of her very very sick niece, and because I can't go I've volunteered to do some baking for it.

I'm not actually sure how I'm going to fit everything in this week.

And to think, I may be working next week. Ahhhhhh!!!!!


Congrats! You are a busy lady!
Anonymous said…
Congrats, I knew it a couple of weeks not really news to me. Very pleased for you. All the best with bub.

Burning the candle at both ends aren't you! Go for it! Do all you can while you can.

Ariel said…

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