Nursing Dress

Oh my gosh, life is tougher with two kids! Not sure how I'm going to get much knitting in anymore. But I suppose it'll all work itself out when Oliver gets a routine and we all get settled.

The last two days were particularly busy as DH was very busy during the days and was out both evenings so it was pretty much just me and the kids the two days. So today he has taken Emily(Smem) out for a few hours to the park and McDonalds so I've had a bit of time at home just with Oliver.

And he's slept since they went so I got some sewing done. Viola, a nursing dress. Its loosely based on this pattern. I took apart an old maternity dress that I made while pregnant with Emily. I didn't have quite the right amount of fabric to make the top into a dress as per the pattern but I just fudged the top and skirt to make it into a dress.

It looks better on!


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