Rosie the Rag Doll

I was sent a pattern by one of my regular customers a few months ago, and just got around to making up the doll - Rosie the Rag Doll.  Its a free pattern on the web so give it a go.  A really simple design and its really quick to put together.  A few hours and you have a complete doll - i'd say only 2-3 hours if you had no distractions.

This one I think will be destined for the market on Sunday.  Might try make another 1 or 2 before then. 


Leslie @ simply frugal homemaking said...

Adorable :) I have a question for you, I bought a doll from you in Sept. 2010. Gretchen I believe, who my daughter loves! Well I am trying to make my daughter a doll and I love how firm your doll is. What kind of stuffing do you use?

miss aine said...

I just use basic polyester toy stuffing.
However, I knit using double knitting yarn and 2.75mm knitting needles which gives a really tight knit. This means that I can pack the stuffing in without stretching the knitting too much.
Glad your daughter still loves the dolly! (and nice that you have your 'little red' in your blog header!)