New Pattern!

It only took half the night (stupid annoying, tempremental computer) but my new pattern is finally typed up and available for purchase.

Meet Anna-Beth.

She's 15 inches/38cm tall, knit with dk yarn and 2.75mm and 3.5mm needles.  Her dress and shoes are removable, adding to the play. 
And she has a special little mousie friend that can fit in her pocket!

The pattern is available for sale through Ravelry for 3 euro.
 buy now

But for anyone willing to wait, I'll email a free copy to one lucky reader.  Just leave a little comment on the blog post (including contact details).  On Sunday night the random number generator will select one lucky winner.

Haven't done a giveaway in a while!


Anonymous said…
Welcome back to designing, I for one have missed you. Love new doll, commendable. Fingers crossed...I want the pattern.

Faye S. Australia
Anonymous said…
I won, thanks ever so much Aine.

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