My best friend is due her second child in about two weeks (Her first is nearly 9 years old so it's a nice big gap!). So i needed to make something special. 

I picked out a nice combination of colours that would be gender neutral and pulled out the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern as its worked really for me twice before. This time not so though.

Although the yarn was all dk weight they all seemed to knit up differently. From the offset it seemed wrong, but I persevered, thinking I could block it out at the end. But that didn't square it up. And neither did adding a border. It's an absolute mess. I may weave in the ends and just give it to the kids for their teddies.

My second disaster is a jumper I knit for my God-daughter, who will soon have a new sibling. I could try it on Emily for size. Although she's a year and a half younger she's tall and is actually bigger than my god-daughter now. 
This jumper hasn't been blocked but it just seems all wrong. The neckline is very high at the front and seems very small. I may not have done the back neckline correctly as the instructions didn't make a lot of sense. It's the Sweater With Shoulder Buttons by Claire Montgomerie from Easy Kids Knits. I might try redo the neckline, and block it. It would be a shame to have nothing at the end of all that knitting!

The arrival of the new baby is fast approaching so I toddled onto Ravelry, took out some worsted weight wool and 6mm needles. I still want to make a blanket do I picked Cabled Cradle Spread from Pickles.

I only started last knit but it seems to be knitting up quickly and the pattern is easy to remember. 

Here's hoping the baby doesn't come early so I've some time to finish it!


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