Slow progress

Very slow progress on the crafting front at the moment. It's so hard to stay indoors when the weather is so good. And my sewing machine is in a north facing room so it doesn't get any sun.

Have the trim added to the christening gown. Still have to put fastenings into the back of the dress - either buttons or press fasteners. Started the ruffled coat to go over it today but little Emily is having a growth spurt and needs to be fed every two hours so its hard to get a good run at anything. We've set a date of the 14th of June for the christening so need to get moving on finishing everything off pretty soon.

Have started a knitting project for when I am sitting in front of the television - a large rag doll with some removable clothes for my Godchild, Rhianna, for her birthday. It's not til November so I should get it finished!

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