The Start - for real this time

My baby girl, Emily, is now 5 weeks old and we are both settling into our nice happy routine at home.

In a bid to clean up a bit I have set out to sell some of the many bags that I have made over the last 5 years. I tried to set a shop up on eBay but you have to sell things individually first before you can do that. So I have set up a shop on instead. My profile on Etsy is missaine (you can't leave spaces - boo!)

Spent the morning photographing bags and putting their details on the website. It's quite exciting. Some of my bags seem to have got viewings but I'll have to wait and see if anyone wants to buy them.

Next step is to put some of my cards on the site also. Then if things take off (and I manage to get some time in the day to do stuff besides changing nappies) I can start doing lots of patchwork and quilting and can put some baby playmats on the site also.

Fingers crossed.

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