When patterns don't go to plan

I knit this doll before Christmas. It didn't turn out quite the way I planned in my head (and her apron is horrible!). Instead she looks like the Jean Greenhowe pattern Jemima-Jane.

I'll have to rethink this pattern. The construction is different to the JG pattern so that's okay, but I need to redo her so that she doesn't look like the same doll.

There's no point in making a pattern that already exists!


Anonymous said…
I've got an idea. Seen as you went to so much trouble to create this doll, and she is lovely...why not write up the pattern and donate money made from the sales to a worthy kids/cancer charity?????

Faye (Austalia)
andrea said…
If she were mine to do with at will, I would send her off to make some child happy in Haiti.
miss aine said…
Good idea Andrea. Either that or I may add her to the HeartsforHaiti shop on Etsy.

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