Toy Swap

So the Crafty Market went pretty well. I made enough to cover the stand, and a bit more. However, all the little things that I nearly killed myself making last week didn't sell. Most of the things that sold were the bigger toys. So that was interesting to discover. And I'll use the small things as party favours for Smem's birthday at the end of the month!
I did take a picture of the stall on my phone, but its a new phone and I can't get the photos onto the computer. Bummed!

Good news today though. A parcel arrived for me this morning from my swap partner in the Plush, Toy, Stuffie, Fun group on Ravelry. A lovely box stuffed full with goodies - lovely soaps, lip balm, tea, chocolate bars, ribbon, goggly eyes, cotton yarn and an adorable doll.

Smem has claimed the doll as her own. She's lovely and soft and squishy and floopy. The perfect rag doll.


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