Myself and Smem headed down to my parents in Wexford this week. Cue lots of trips to the beach and various playgrounds.

And for the first time, Smem was okay walking on the sand in her bare feet. And she loved it! And loved the sea. She even did a pretend little doggy-paddle in the water when my mam was holding her. Such a big leap.

We've also been potty-training the last two weeks. And its gone really well. She does still wear the pull-up nappies a good bit but wants to go in the potty so I suppose that's the biggest challenge. And now we've bought some 'Peppa Pig' knickers so she wants to wear knickers now!

This week my crafting has been for the market this Sunday. I've knit one Humpty Dumpty and am trying to get another done. So fingers crossed I get it done, as its on tomorrow.


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