Another Balloon Doll

Another doll made from the Wee Wonderfuls book. The pattern is actually called 'Pixie', but I call them the balloon dolls as that's what they remind me off.

They didn't have plain white socks in the local Tesco so I used ones with embossed hearts. The placement of the hearts this doll's face is unfortunate - she kinda looks like she has facial hair!

I also did the hair a little differently. I didn't have a nice fluffy mohair as in the actual pattern so I did the hair as for the dolls in 'Kit, Chloe and Louise' pattern (for sale on the WW website) and gave her little buns.

Someone seems to like her anyway.


Hahahaha! Oh man that made me least the boss likes her! I think she is rather cute myself...even with the 5 o'clock shadow ;)

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