The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: I quit my job. Wasn't back at it for long but I had to travel too far to get there and back each day and it was making me very tired and putting a strain on family life at home. Plus I wasn't exactly making much money and I wasn't working for a particularly nice lady. So it was good to quit.

The Bad: A girl I went to school with died from cancer on Saturday. Only 29, just married last year, like me. I played hockey with her in school and was in the same class for a few years so I knew her pretty well. Well enough to be able to tell her apart from her twin. So that sucked.

The Ugly: Me trying to deal with Smem at the funeral today. She's sick at the moment and very tired and I was too upset to be dealing with her. We had to leave the church before the mass was over and I had a battle with her to get her to stay in the churchyard until the coffin came out. But we got through it, a few more battles during the day but we finished it up okay.

So here's to another day and making a start back at all my crafting properly.

Roll on the rest of 2011!


I am very sorry about your friend. I have to say I am happy for you that you quit your job. I am in a somewhat similar situation and I think I will b e quiting in a couple of weeks as well. Have fun crafting and spending time with your family!
miss aine said…
Thanks Leslie. It was a pretty crappy day. But here's to things getting better. And good luck with whatever decision you make about your job.

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