Kokeshi Doll

Finally the pattern is typed up - done in a hurry though so apologies if there are any mistakes.

download now


Anonymous said…
This is adorable!!
caromaya said…
Absolutky cute !!!!!
Anonymous said…
These are so adorable, thank you for giving your design, I am going to have a go at creating these. I am about to execute in a edition of the Miakdo and have been looking for the ideal presents for my other entertainers, these will be perfect! I just wish I can go with your charming stitching. Just ordered it from PIJ and can't wait to get this. http://bit.ly/kokeshi-doll
Anonymous said…
I have knitted the pieces and am ready to sew and stuff..the only problem is with the sleeves where to leave the opening and where to lightly stuff..looking at the picture is not clear enough to me.
miss aine said…
Sorry for taking so long to reply.
For the arms, seam the row edges and leave the cast on edge open. Stuff the hand portion, the peachy shade bit, and leave the pink part more loosely stuffed so that the arms fall loosely from the side of the body.
Hope this helps :)

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