Children's Emotions

Lately Emily's teacher has been highlighting her emotional state, and how she gets very upset sometimes over small things.  I'm sure that this can be a problem in class as it would be very disruptive.

So, I've been down at the library reading books to try and find some solutions to try and fix it.  At first I was looking at the topic of discipline, but then I found David Coleman's book 'Parenting is Child's Play'.

A very insightful chapter in this book talks about emotional intelligence and how, as parents, how we handle our emotions affects our children.

So it is with tears in my eyes that I realise, and admit,  that the reason Emily cannot deal with her emotions is because, since becoming a mother, I have not been able to deal with mine.  The change in my life has taken a long time to learn to deal with, and even still I struggle, and it pains me that I have passed my problems on to her.

But, at least now I know, and can make a start at rectifying it.  As the book advises, I will endevour to try to keep myself calm, and recognise my own feelings, and then when calm, recognise how she is feeling and help her to deal with her emotions.

I write this, as I'm sure there are lots of parents out there who are tearing their hair out trying to deal with 'bold' children.  And often times, its not that the children are inherently bold, it is just that they react to situations in a way that is not appropriate.  And maybe if we, as parents, took the time the stop and see the world through their eyes, and from their perspective, then we could help them deal with it, and their emotions, much better, and reduce the fighting, conflict and tears.

(As a by and by, there are some really cute illustrations throughout the book.  Makes me really want to make some toys, if I can find the time!)

This parenting lark sure is hard!


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