A Top-down Cardie

A friend, and neighbour, has a sister who is due her first baby in July so she asked if I could knit a few cardigans for her, as she couldn't find any plain, unisex ones in the shops.

So I went for a trawl on Ravlery and found this pattern for a top-down cardigan.  My gauge wasn't perfect, but was only a stitch out per inch.  However, as I knit I realised that it was going to be too big - way too big.  In fact, so big that it fits Emily. (As an aside, most people on Ravelry seemed to have sizing issues with this cardigan and as one person had calculated, the gauge and stitches given would result in a chest size of 22" which is way to big for a baby.)

So I finished it with short-ish sleeves for the summer and sewed on the buttons.

I hadn't been able to get Emily to try it on for a photo, so yesterday we when were out buying fabric for dolly-making I let her pick out buttons for the cardigan herself.

And she chose well - nice sparkly flowers.

Just need to get her to actually wear the cardigan now!


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