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Smem is in fantastic form again. Woo Hoo! And rather than having three little naps during the day she has moved to two longer naps of an hour or more, each. Oh the bliss! Gotta love getting her on to proper solids. She's had chicken and salmon this week.

This morning got to finish the dress I started making for her over a week ago. I doctored a plain A-line top pattern that I bought on sale. It is now empire line, with elastic under the arms to facilitate easy put-on.

It's not too bad. Messed up the inside a bit as I sewed it together in the wrong order. But I know for future. And its only a little bit messy in one part.

After watching me knit tiny hats for the past two weeks, C asked for a hat for himself. So I made one.

Was kinda guessing on the size though so its a little tight around the head and he said he would like it a bit taller. So now I have to make another. I loved doing the coloured stripes. Thoughts of cool cardies and jumpers for Smem were coming to mind as I was knitting it.

Wish I could knit faster!


Louise said…
I remember when my first little one slept 2 hours straight one afternoon for the first time. I was pricking out vegetable seedlings and lost track of the time. I couldn't believe he had give me the luxury of enough time to finish the job! WHEN do you find the time to do all this stuff?

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