Wexford Opera Festival and Big Knit Hats

I have been away from blogland for a little bit. Went down to Wexford with Smem to visit the grandparents. And luckily the Wexford Opera Festival started last week also, so we got to go around a few of the exhibitions. In the short time that we were down there we managed to hit Johnstown Castle, Greenacres, Whites Hotel, The Arts Centre and Whitford Hotel, all of which had art exhibitions.

The Whitford had the best as Breda was exhibiting. She does gorgeous textile pieces of irish landscapes and flowers and hedgerows. Beautiful and completely different to anything else you see. She had sold three before the exhibition had been officially opened - one of them to Mam!

All my little hats! Had to take a photo of them today as they are to be sent off in the post.

I can't remember how many I counted. Either 44 or 54. Not too shabby. I made loads initially but it tailed off quite a bit to the end.


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