200th Post Giveaway

Today is post no.200. And a time to think about how things have changed since I started. I've definitely become a lot more comfortable with writing my thoughts - although they are more random in my head. Maybe I should learn to type faster!

I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog and leaving lots of comments. Its always nice to hear that people appreciate your work.

So, on to the giveaway. This month's new pattern is for the 'Blossom Buds'.

These cute little guys are only about 9cm tall and are super quick to make. The embroidery is the only thing that takes a while to do to finish them nicely.

Please a comment by Monday morning (Irish time!) and I'll chose a winner at random to win the newest pattern, and pick one other pattern from my shop to have also. Lucky person!

Just remember to make sure I can contact you if you win.

Good Luck


Patty said…
What delightful little Blossom Bits! I'd love to make some for our grandchild due in December. Your lovely embroidery bedecks 'em in fine style:) I've hoping that the early bird wins the prizes!!

from the blue skies and Green Mountains of VT,
Patty M., the Vermonster
Beyla said…
These are downright gorgeous - saw them on Ravelry, and I have to admit - you really shouldn't let me win, cause if you don't I'll have to buy the pattern anyway :D
From the rainy actic of Norway,
Maureen said…
These are so cute! I only semi-fail at embroidery, so maybe I could handle it. ;)

Saw your pattern come up on Rav, had to click through!


(Threadless on Ravelry, for PMs in case!)
Ariel said…
I can't embroider a straight line but they are just totally adorable!!
Christine said…
These are fabulous! It would be fun to pop a small bell inside while stuffing, to make a rattle toy. Lovely work.
Me said…
Ooo! Ooo! Pick me!

I love all toys - the cuter the better and this one is a keeper!! It incorporates my two passions - embroidery and knitting! Could it be more perfect?

Amy O.
ugliducklyn said…
Aww, I love the Blossom Buds and would love a chance to win! If I am lucky enough to win you can message me on Ravelry, I'm ugliducklyn. Thanks!
cath said…
Super cute--sign me up for a chance!
Anonymous said…
A pretty cheerful project. Well done again!


Faye (Australia)
Melanie said…
Love them. They look like wobbly eggs!
Melanie said…
oops...psychofaknit on ravelry
Anonymous said…
I love these guys they totally remind me of Weebles Wobbles. Except these are a million times better because they are made out of yarny goodness.
silver00fairy on Raverly
How cute!! Congrats on 200posts!

Thanks for the chance to win!
=D melaine

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