Stupid Wedding!

I feel like I've been a bad blogger lately, but then I did have the giveaway over the weekend so that meant no posts.

Thanks to 'Anonymous' for the advice about the 'stupid internet'. However, the problem also affected C's apple computer and his work laptop so he thinks it was either the router or our internet provider. Its been okay since Monday afternoon so at least that's fixed.

My annoyance has now turned on to the wedding. I had asked for the rooms at the hotel to not be blocked booked anymore but guests who rang were still been directed to me. Plus some rooms I had booked weren't booked, and guests who thought they were booked were told they weren't when they were. Plus quite a few of my relations have asked me to reserve rooms for them. So I've been on to the hotel nearly every day for the past week and a half. Its doing my head in.

Hopefully its all sorted now.

Other wedding annoyance is the fact that my mam keeps insisting that I must have fresh flowers in my bouquet and that making a flowergirl dress is not a great idea and my bridesmaids don't seem to want me to make their wraps/boleros for the church.

I'm beginning to think that no-one thinks the stuff I make is good enough or that my ideas are crap. I don't know, can't put it in words. Just constantly annoyed and upset at the mo.

But here's a picture of my gorgeous baby girl to lighten the mood:
She's her mother's daughter alright!


Ariel said…
She IS a gorgeous baby girl and VERY color coordinated.

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