Stupid Internet!

All go here this weekend. Myself and C were at a wedding on Saturday so my parents came up to look after Smem. They all had a great time, which was good!
They stayed Saturday night and then on Sunday my brother and his girlfriend came over for lunch. It was quite spontaneous but lovely to have everyone together for a bit. And Smem loved it!
Access to the computer has been limited. Our internet connection is acting up so sometimes I can check my email but can't get onto any other sites - very annoying. I was going to include a picture in today's post but it was loading for 5 minutes and never appeared so I cancelled it.
Stupid internet!


Anonymous said…
Do a scan on your coputer, you will most likely find you have a Trojon...once you get rid of that, you then have to fix the damage its is not your server at fault. My computer down 2 days...I could send and recive emails but couldn't connect to internet and all emails with attachments were blocked. All the best with that.

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