Jeans Dress

This week has been a lot better than last week (Zombie Week!). I've actually managed to get lots of housework done, such as washing, hoovering, building shelving units, etc during the day and, shock, horror! I've also managed to get some sewing done!!!!!!!!!

I started this dress last week but it didn't get off to a quick start. I've had the knees go in two different pairs of jeans recently, which is very annoying. One of the pairs I had only bought since Smem was born so I cut the legs off below the knees to use for a dress for her.

The top part of the bodice is made from some quilter's cotton from a fat quarter that Smem has had going around with her recently. I figured she liked it so why not make into something she could wear.

The inside is lined with dark green cotton, which has a light green ruffle at the bottom. The bottom of the jeans has a ruffle in navy mesh.

I think it will make a nice party dress. Just need to sew on buttons now.


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