Zombie Week

This week has been really tough. Sunday night Smem barely slept and she's still not sleeping right. We were nice to her at the start of the week and stayed in the room with her when she was upset but we've had to move to 'controlled crying' as we were both getting too tired. And its too cold to be out of bed for half the night!

I think she's making us pay for leaving her!

I have managed to get a bit of crafting done, although it hasn't felt like it. There have been two nights this week where I've just watched telly in the evening and not done any knitting - shock, horror!

Its my god-daughters birthday next Friday so I'm getting around to finishing her present.
I made her Eloise a while ago so I made a little dog (from Jean Greenhowe's Little Village Men) and am now making a little bag for the dog to go in - hopefully with a hole for his head to stick out.
So this is my attempt at really simple hand quilting. I just stitched little stars over all the snowflakes, just using felt as a backing. Its turned out quite nice.
Just need to sew together the lining and finish it off.


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