Knit Night Cupcakes

One of our regular knitters at the Celbridge group is relocating to the UK so we planned a little party for her send-off.

I offered to make a cake, but ended up making cupcakes as they'd be less messy and wouldn't need plates and forks.

So much time was spent 'googling' knitting-themed cakes. And good old google came up trumps with the VeganYumYum blog and her beautiful 'knit night cupcakes'.

I made fudgey-brownie type cupcakes topped with white chocolate icing. Then I used Lolo's tutorial to make the marzipan balls of yarn and added little cocktail stick knitting needles.

Very happy with how they turned out!

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Miss Julep said...

These turned out so well! I love the little "yarn balls"!!