Nappy Wraps

I've been giving washable nappies a go this time round (while also using disposables when we're out or when the washables are in the wash). I just use some prefolds that I got off another knitter (!) and some wraps. However, at the moment when Oliver does a poo it goes everywhere so I have to change the wrap as well as the prefold.

So, onto Ravelry I went to get patterns for nappy wraps and soakers. The WHW Plain Wrap is the one I found that looked most like the traditional nappy wrap. I wouldn't fancy trying to take a soaker off him if he'd pooed. Now that would be messy!

This pattern is really quick and easy to follow. I did have to order online for the aplix for the fastenings, but the general consensus seems to be that it is better than Velcro.

Now I just need to lanolise them and get them to work.


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