My First Pattern

Now that I am back on my knitting buzz I decided to start to make patterns of my own. All these years knitting and I've never put my own ideas into practice.

So the first instalment is a simple baby hat with a skinny brim. I thought I was making a 3-6 month size that would fit Smem but I got my figures wrong. So this is a 0-3 month size, kindly modelled by a giant mug I have.

Pictures of a bigger size modelled on Smem will follow as soon as I have made another hat.


3.5mm needles
50g DK wool
darning needle to sew together

Basic pattern is 0-3 month size. Figures in brackets for 3-6 and 6-9 months.


Cast on 107 (120, 132) sts.
G-st 10 rows.
Brim Shaping Row: K1 (0,0), [(K1, K2tog)] to end. 72 (80,88) sts.
G-st 49 rows.
Top Shaping:
Row 1: (K6, K2tog) to end - 63 (70,77) sts
Row 2 and every alternate row: K
Row 3: (K5, K2tog) to end - 54 (60,66) sts
Row 5: (K4, K2tog) to end - 45 (50, 55) sts
Row 7: (K3, K2tog) to end - 36 (40, 44) sts
Row 9: (K2, K2tog) to end - 27 (30,33) sts
Row 11: (K1, K2tog) to end - 18 (20, 22) sts
Row 13: (K2tog) to end - 9 (10,11) sts
Row 15: K1 (0,1), (K2tog) to end - 5 (5,6) sts

Cut long length of wool, thread through remaining sts, pull up tightly and fasten off.

To Make Up
Join side seam.

All comments are very welcome.


Susan said…
Very cute! I'm going to make it. Thank you for sharing this pattern.
Anonymous said…
What size needles are they? Can this be made in cotton? thanks
miss aine said…
3.5mm is a US2 needle. And yes, you could use cotton. That would make it nice for the summer. Just use a double knitting (or worsted) weight.

Any more questions just let me know!
MissHetz said…
Hi! Do you know your gauge on this? I have Darkhorse yarn that I'm hoping to use. Its 100g, and recommended needle is 8 - do you think it will turn out for a 0-3 month?
Anonymous said…
I made this hat in the 6-9 mo. size and love it. Would love to make one in this style for myself. Any tips on how to adjust the pattern for an adult?
miss aine said…
I haven't made it in an adult size so can't be sure.

Maybe try using a thicker wool, like bulky, and some bigger needles.

or cast on more sts. go up increments of 12 sts, so up 2 sizes from 6-9 months would be 156 sts to cast on.

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