Was pretty depressed when I got up this morning. Had set myself up last night, after updating the blog, to finally get to work writing a quilt pattern so I could send it on to Sherry and get some feedback. Its a daunting thing as I've never written one before. I tend not to even follow them!

Of course as soon as I got sorted Smem woke up and took about an hour and a half to go back to sleep. I ended up giving up on trying to do anything and went to bed once I had her sorted. She then woke around 1am and 2am so I was pretty tired when I got up this morning.

Then to add to my woes she got sick everywhere after her breakfast (second day in a row. I'm wondering if its her rice?) and managed to hold on to some of her food so that she could be sick again after I had changed her.

We very nearly had tears!

When she eventually went down for a nap I sat on our bed sewing beads onto the star that I made last night.

Its very theraputic.

Then the doorbell rang. And who was it but Mister Postman with a present for me! And one for Smem too (the naked baby with the strawberry hat! it was so odd I just had to get it)

Think I'll put Smem's aside for Christmas 'cause she doesn't really need lots of toys.

The Blythe doll is for me. She's a Prima Dolly called Ashlete so not a fully fledged Blythe. But cheaper so good enough for me. I'm not too keen on the name Ashlette so think I will call her Aisling - a good irish lass. She is so cool and will be great for Smem when she is older.

So much happier now. Can't wait to start making clothes for her. Should be great fun. I used to love making clothes for my barbies when I was younger.

Oh to be a little girl!


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