Almost No-Sew Christmas Garland

So finally here is the no-sew garland. Myself and Smem have been out and about every day this weekend so I've barely got to the computer.

Red, green and white felt
Some red thread
Paper to make templates


First I made templates of 2 triangles, one bigger than the other. The large triangle is 6 inches wide at the top and 8.5 inches long.

Next cut out 17 large triangles from the red felt and 17 green triangles from the green felt.

To make the lettering, draw the mirror images of the letters 'merry christmas' on to the back of the white felt. I have an alphabet stencil so I just copied the letters backwards.

Cut out the lettering.

Next stick the green triangles to the red using the glue.

When they are dry, stick the lettering on. There will be 3 triangles with no lettering, as they go before, after and between the words.

Sew all the triangles together, in the right order! To do this I ran them all through my sewing machine one after the other.

Viola! You have a quick and easy garland.


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