Lots of Cleaning!

I had a pretty good day yesterday. C took Smem out shopping for a few hours to give me a break. It gave me plenty of time to clean our spare bedroom, where I keep all my craft stuff.

I stuck all the ATCs I received from Kate's swap onto a large picture frame that we weren't using as the glass had broken. I've stuck this up in my work space so that I can use it for inspiration.

Then I did some tidying. This is a picture of the wardrobe where I keep my wool and papercrafts boxes. It really needs shelves but I can't afford any at the moment so it will have to stay as it is. Its not too bad though.

Behind the blue sheet is my wedding dress - can't show it in case C reads this!

I also cleaned around my desk which has recently been lost under a sea of project bags!

Yesterday I also realised that it was much further into April than I thought and that I needed to make some more ATCs and get them out in the post. I flicked through a few books for inspiration and settled on a pear that I saw in 'SewHip' issue 1.

I made up these 8 cards last night while watching telly - super fast. I just need to make backings now and add my details and I'm sorted. So panic over!

SewHip is my favourite magazine at the moment. Its full of lots of different sewing projects - some clothes, some toys, some quilting, some enbroidery. Its perfect for someone like me. I will definitely be getting a subscription to it once I get a child to mind and start making some money!


Leeanne said…
Tidying up sucks but dont you feel good when its all done.
Must have been the day for it cause I did the kitchen and laundry (what a nightmare!)

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