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Well, myself and Smem had a great few days in Wexford. The weather wasn't too bad and she spent at least half of each day outside running around. My parents did lots of babysitting, both during the day and the night, so she's really comfortable with them now.
Myself and my mother went to see Lisa Hannigan on Friday night in Whites Hotel, which was really good. I'll have to get her cd now as it really seemed like my kind of music. What I would have liked to have made if I had taken my singer/songerwriter phase further!

Got a little bit of knitting done while I was down there, but not much. I have about 12 repeats of the Fairylike Billows wrap done now - only another 6 to go so not too bad. I'd gotten this hand-dyed wool with the intention of making wraps or shrugs for the bridesmaids but its too blue against the dresses so will have to re-think that. The local yarn shop has a sale at the moment so must go down tomorrow when they're open and see if there's anything nice there.

Smem was all excited when she got home yesterday and gave her daddy lots of hugs. Then she wanted to go outside, so I stuck her coat on her and threw her out the back - she was in heaven. She's at the stage now that she doesn't need constant attention so I think we'll be utilising the garden more now.


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