Felt Birds

Myself and Smem are off to Wexford tomorrow until Saturday. Hopefully the weather won't be too crappy. At least the house is big enough so there's plenty of space to run around if its raining.

And if its good we might get a trip to the beach!

We will be meeting up with my cousin and her daughter, whose only a month younger the Smem, so I made a little present for her, as we've never actually met her (shocking I know!). We'll also have to meet up with my goddaughter, Rhianna, so I made a little present for her too.

I found a pattern for little felt owls on Cut Out and Keep

I followed the pattern mostly for the blue/white and green bird. I just couldn't get his wings to sit right so I sewed them on differently.
For the pink/purple bird I turned the body upside down and flattened the bottom a bit, and gave him different wings.

I think they look rather cute!(crappy photo though!)


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