So many WIPs, so litttle time!

Sometimes I think I make too much stress for myself. After finishing the August pattern last week I started knitting a hoodie for Smem (free pattern from Bernat)

And started a cross-stitch pattern that is in this months issue of Crafts Beautiful.
I had intended to maybe take a picture of this finished and have it printed on cards for thank you notes for the wedding. But now I'm not sure. I bought an Aimee Ray doodle embroidery on Etsy yesterday which is very cute so I may use that instead. These butterflies may get turned into a bag - possible christmas present.

I have also started C's christmas present - a monkey, like the one on the Tetley ad, except this will be knitted.

On top of that I'm also still stressing about flowers (got a brill book in the library today by Jane Packer - cool simple fast ideas), and am planning a trip down home to Wexford this weekend to go shoe shopping with my chief bridesmaid for her shoes.

We're on the home stretch though - only 8 weeks on Friday to the big day. And I'll get to take a break then. Woo hoo!

Although no doubt I'll have something else to stress about then (lol!)


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