Bad blogging this week as not much has been done this week at all. We have a very sick house.

Saturday I was out til late at my grandad's first anniversary mass. Smem didn't get to bed til 10.30 (its normally between 7-8) and didn't sleep well at all. So we were both very tired on Sunday.

Then just before mass on Sunday night I started sneezing a bit. By the end of mass I had a full-blown cold and its just got worse since. My parents called in Monday lunchtime but apart from that we've not done much.

The one good thing is that now that Smem is 2 she can take over-the-counter cough and cold medicine from the pharmacy, so at least I feel she's getting some relief from her cough.

So only a tiny amount of knitting has been done.

And what is came to was this little guy..

A free pattern once I get the energy to type it up.

(P.S. keep watch for the SewMamaSew giveaway, starting 16th May)


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