A mini book review

Myself and Smem went to the local library this week and they actually had some new books, two of which caught my eye, so I thought I'd do a mini book review.

First up is 'Make' by Cath Kidston.(click on the image for Amazon link)
I love Cath Kidston's style so I was really excited to see this book. However, it wasn't what I expected. Although the name of the book is 'Make', it was really just lots of embellishing projects. They were nice and there were a few different styles of applique and embroidery but everything was done onto pre-bought items.

The second book is 'Free & Easy Stitch Style' by Poppy Treffry. (any click on the image for Amazon link)
This book I loved. The style of stitching really appealed to me, as I'm definitely not someone who makes everything perfectly so a little wonkiness is always welcomed. The book goes through how to embroider with your sewing machine, which I have to try still!, and each project includes how to make the bag/blanket/cushion cover/etc and then embroider on it to embellish it.

Now I need to go 'googling' Poppy Treffry as I like her style!


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