Our Garden

A bit of knitting going on at the moment but its mostly stuff I want to submit to magazines so can't show it ;( (even if I think it looks really cute!).

So instead some photos of my big project for this summer - our garden

This is how it looked about a week ago. Last weekend I took down the shed and then helped DH to put up a new one. And did quite a bit of weeding. So must take new photos to show it in its splendour now (just can't this evening as its raining).
And this little patch is my vegetable patch. I've never grown any before so not really sure how it will turn out. I tend to kill all houseplants but have a better track record with outdoor plants.
I've planted tomatoes, peppers, courgette, green bean and lettuce. So far they're doing okay and I've even used the lettuce for salads.

Updates will follow throughout the summer!

(01.06.10 - weird comment left for this post. I'm not going anywhere, just no knitting i can show at the moment. And that's only because I'm trying to convert my knitting into few money as we are seriously smashed! But lots of knitting to follow, with new free and pay-for patterns - I just need to come up with them!)


Anonymous said…
Going for the big time now! I wish you well. We shall miss you.

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